Stranger in a Strange Land

Luuk in Taipei

My good friend and Dutch film maker Martijn Hullegie visited me in Taiwan and pointed his camera at me at the most unlikely, mundane moments: when I was shopping, taking out the trash, going for a walk. My daily activities and his questions brought on a sense of wonder and curiosity. Thanks to him, I was able to recapture the surprise I felt when I first arrived here a decade and a half ago.

These videos are in Dutch. Not for everyone, for sure. But they do deliver a nice peek into the life of a stranger in a strange land.

Under the Volcano

Living on the slope of a volcano. Sulphur, ghosts and a view to kill for.

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Hot Water For Free!

Visiting the hot spring area on New Year's Day. A cure-all for psoriasis or just a stinky lake?

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Into the Jungle h3

I live in the National Park Yanmingshan. Up the slippery steps to check out the waterfall!

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Pig ears and Camembert

From local butcher to French supermarket. What exactly is in this sausage?

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House Warming Starting

Getting ready for a small party with friends - with far too much food!

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